Sesiones fotograficas de Navidad @ Artemio Studios

This year is different. Lot of us can’t spend the Holidays with their loved ones, friends and family. Lot of us a likely to feel a little bit lonely, a bit afraid or depressed. 

You can cheer up the holiday mood with some magical Christmas-pictures. You can send them on-line. You can post them on social media. But when was the last time you sent a REAL letter by post? A picture-postcard will surely lift up the holiday-spirit!

And we are here to help you create this magical Christmas picture. All you have to do is book your appointment at Artemio Studios :)

It is up to you if you want a casual holiday-photoshoot or you have been dreaming of something more artistic. Here are some examples.

Navidad 2017

Even though the weather in Malaga is still good for autumn or even summer-themed photoshoots, like these I made recently…

…the winter is still coming! We have already started with some snowy and icy winter and christmas photos, so feel free to book your time for photosession and lets make some magical pictures :)

On the other side of the camera

Recently I got the chance to be on the other side of the camera and to be a model instead of photographing.

The theme was inspired of the Beauty an the Beast love story. Well, I had the honour to be the Beast ;) The Beauty was Miss World Malaga 2016 and the photoshoot took place in a really beautiful place - Cortijo San Joaquin, situated in the mountains near Malaga. 

It was not just a regular photoshoot, but quite a huge project where a bunch of professionals collaborated. Every smallest detail was thought-out. If you are getting married and want your wedding to be full of magic, this is definitely your dream-team ;) Be sure to check the contacts below ;)

So - I hope you enjoy the fairy-tale!

I really love this amazing video made by Qmirar: IN THE NAME OF LOVE

Organization and decoration: Cristina Eventos


Instagram: @cristina_eventos

Location: Cortijo San Joaquín

Facebook: @cortijosanjoaquin

Photographer: Elías Jeria

Facebook: @elias.jeria.fotografo

Instagram: @elias.jeria

Video: Qmirar

Facebook: @qmirar

Instagram: @qmirar

Stationary: El papel de tu día

Facebook: @elpapeldetudia

Instagram: @elpapeldetudia

Female model: Carmen Serrano, Miss Mundo Málaga 2016

Facebook: Carmen Serrano Porras

Instagram: @carmenserrano26

Male model: Artemio Galavera

Facebook: Artemio Galavera

Instagram: @artemiofotos

Yellow dress: Asunción Retamero

Facebook: @designercoutureAsuncionRetamero

Instagram: @AsuncionRetamero

White dress: Jote Martínez

Facebook: @jotemartinezcostura

Instagram: @jotemartinez

Clothing of the BeastMann-Vélez Málaga

Facebook: @mann.velezmalaga

MUA: Vanesa Molina Make Up

Facebook: @vanesamolinamakeup

Instagram: @vanesamolinamakeup

Hair: Java Peluqueros

Facebook: Java Peluqueros

Instagram: java_peluqueros

Florist: Labotánica Creación Vegetal

Facebook: @labotanica.creacion

Instagram: @labotanica.creacionvegetal

Crafts: La fabriquita de sueños

Facebook: Cristina Jessica Fabriquita de sueños Campos

Instagram: @lafabriquitadesueños.2016

Shoes of the Beauty: Didi Collection

Facebook: @DIDICollection

Instagram: @didi.collection

Headdress: Tocados en mi rincón

Facebook: Maria Elvira Briones Franco

Instagram: @tocados_en_mi_rincon

Bow tie: Alexia Veder

Facebook: @alexiaveder

Instagram: @alexiaveder

Music: Sehnsucht Agrupaciones

Facebook: @SehnsuchtAgrupaciones

Cake: Dulce y Sweet Designs

Facebook: @dulceysweetdesigns

Instagram: @dulceysweetdesigns

Fotoshoot with Agatha in Red

There is a very cool make-up artist in Malaga (she is doing some really awesome and amazing stuff, you can check it out from her instagram: /agathainred) and somehow I managed to talk her into doing a photoshoot with me. 

Here are my favourites from the shoot:

Model and MUA: Agatha in Red

Clothing: Fangtasia alternative fashion store

Photos: Artemio Fotos

Making a video

At first, let me introduce you my latest music video:

At 2012 I recorded my music album. This year, I re-discovered it and decided to make a small video for one of the songs, “A bouncing alarm clock”. As I am a photographer, my idea was to make it from pictures, instead of shooting an actual video. So as a result, it consist of 471 photos taken in Malaga at the beginning of 2017.

Here are some of the pictures: 

A walk with my wife

I have already told you how much I love Malaga. Well, the other day we took a little walk in the centre. Quite green and forestry, would never guess it is a city centre, right? 

Pinup fotoshoot in Malaga

We were planning this fotoshoot for several weeks…but you know - with three girls involved, all the preparations took some time :D 

A few days before Christmas we finally did it and here they are - the hottest estonian chicas in Malaga!

As we had plenty of time before meeting our co-model, the red vespa, we had some fun at the port of Malaga.

And after that we finally met our fourth beauty and obviously had some cool photos with her!

Well, that’s it, hope you liked it!


At the time the real Khaleesi aka Daenerys aka Emilia Clarke is here in Spain, shooting the next season of Game of Thrones (Juego de Tronos!) we got the inspiration to make our own little game-of-thrones-themed shooting here in Malaga. 

But where are the dragons? Well, here they come ;)