Malaga, my favourite city in the world

I have been malagueño only for 3 years, but I simply love this city. After staying here eight months I needed to go to a longer trip, and the day I took a train to airport I was almost crying. This was the moment I understood that I can not live without Malaga anymore. And suddenly the story of Danish fairy-tale writer Hans Christian Andersen came to my mind - he was travelling in Spain in 1862 and said there was no place where he felt more welcome and at home than Malaga.

My first models

Photography came to my life when I had children. They are the best models, with sincere emotions and curiosity about the camera. It is amazing to document how they are growing from a small being to an actual person.

Here are some photo-memories of my kids from the last year:

But the very first shots of them? Well, these are made with much cheaper photo equipment, bus as they say - it is not the camera that makes a picture ;)