On the other side of the camera

Recently I got the chance to be on the other side of the camera and to be a model instead of photographing.

The theme was inspired of the Beauty an the Beast love story. Well, I had the honour to be the Beast ;) The Beauty was Miss World Malaga 2016 and the photoshoot took place in a really beautiful place - Cortijo San Joaquin, situated in the mountains near Malaga. 

It was not just a regular photoshoot, but quite a huge project where a bunch of professionals collaborated. Every smallest detail was thought-out. If you are getting married and want your wedding to be full of magic, this is definitely your dream-team ;) Be sure to check the contacts below ;)

So - I hope you enjoy the fairy-tale!

I really love this amazing video made by Qmirar: IN THE NAME OF LOVE

Organization and decoration: Cristina Eventos

Facebook: @cristinaeventos.es

Instagram: @cristina_eventos

Location: Cortijo San Joaquín

Facebook: @cortijosanjoaquin

Photographer: Elías Jeria

Facebook: @elias.jeria.fotografo

Instagram: @elias.jeria

Video: Qmirar

Facebook: @qmirar

Instagram: @qmirar

Stationary: El papel de tu día

Facebook: @elpapeldetudia

Instagram: @elpapeldetudia

Female model: Carmen Serrano, Miss Mundo Málaga 2016

Facebook: Carmen Serrano Porras

Instagram: @carmenserrano26

Male model: Artemio Galavera

Facebook: Artemio Galavera

Instagram: @artemiofotos

Yellow dress: Asunción Retamero

Facebook: @designercoutureAsuncionRetamero

Instagram: @AsuncionRetamero

White dress: Jote Martínez

Facebook: @jotemartinezcostura

Instagram: @jotemartinez

Clothing of the BeastMann-Vélez Málaga

Facebook: @mann.velezmalaga

MUA: Vanesa Molina Make Up

Facebook: @vanesamolinamakeup

Instagram: @vanesamolinamakeup

Hair: Java Peluqueros

Facebook: Java Peluqueros

Instagram: java_peluqueros

Florist: Labotánica Creación Vegetal

Facebook: @labotanica.creacion

Instagram: @labotanica.creacionvegetal

Crafts: La fabriquita de sueños

Facebook: Cristina Jessica Fabriquita de sueños Campos

Instagram: @lafabriquitadesueños.2016

Shoes of the Beauty: Didi Collection

Facebook: @DIDICollection

Instagram: @didi.collection

Headdress: Tocados en mi rincón

Facebook: Maria Elvira Briones Franco

Instagram: @tocados_en_mi_rincon

Bow tie: Alexia Veder

Facebook: @alexiaveder

Instagram: @alexiaveder

Music: Sehnsucht Agrupaciones

Facebook: @SehnsuchtAgrupaciones

Cake: Dulce y Sweet Designs

Facebook: @dulceysweetdesigns

Instagram: @dulceysweetdesigns